The Resource Credit Income Fund (the “Fund”) is a closed-end interval fund that provides access to institutional credit investments in both publicly traded and private markets.

The Fund seeks to give access to institutional credit and provide current income, capital preservation with moderate volatility, and low to moderate correlation to the broader equity markets.

Strategy Allocation

The Fund invests in four distinct credit products, providing institutional access to the credit market:

  • Direct Corporate Credit
  • Institutional Credit Funds
  • Traded BDCs
  • Structured Credit

There is no guarantee that the Fund will achieve its objectives, generate profits or avoid losses.

Fund Composition
Key Strategies
Direct Corporate Credit

Institutional Credit Funds
Traded BDCs
Structured Credit
Income, Moderate Volatility,
Potential Capital Preservation
Income, Institutional Access
Diversification, Liquidity*
Income, Low to Moderate Correlation,

The Fund's portfolio holdings are to illustrate examples of the securities that the Fund has bought and the diversity of areas in which the Fund may invest. It may not be representative of the Fund's current or future investments. Portfolio holdings are subject to change and should not be considered to be investment advice.

The Fund Administrator will calculate and publish a daily NAV based on a formula determined to establish public market prices of our holdings.

Quarterly redemptions will be no less than 5% of the shares outstanding made available. Regardless of how the Fund performs, there is no guarantee that shareholders will be able to sell all of the shares they desire in a quarterly repurchase offer.